What’s the Right Business Structure for My Advisory Firm?

The financial planning landscape is ever-evolving, and advisors regularly find themselves second guessing their structure—BDs to IBDs and RIAs. A transition can seem daunting, but starting anew can bring freedom and independence.

In this episode, Stephen Taylor, attorney turned Certified Financial Planner, joins The Efficient Advisor, Libby Greiwe, to share his insights and experiences on making such a pivotal move in the industry. Together, they tackle some of the most common questions advisors confront when thinking through a transition, including:

  • ComplianceTechnology
  • Portfolio management
  • Commission trails,
  • and so much more. 

This conversation will guide you through thinking about a business transition without being overwhelmed by the operational side. So, take a break and tune in now to hear from those who have taken the steps and walked this journey out successfully!

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