What Should You Do With Your Old 401(k) or Employer Plan?

If you’re starting a new job, what will you do with your retirement plan from your previous employer?

In this episode, Jim Donewald and John Glowascz answer this popular question, which has become especially relevant during COVID-19. It’s a decision that comes with plenty of nuances and pitfalls. This conversation brings you honest advice and teaches you how to maintain control over your retirement savings as you move into a new job. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why John and Jim don’t recommend leaving your 401(k) with your previous employer
  • Reasons to decide against cashing in your 401(k) early
  • What happens if you got a loan on your 401(k) but have since lost your job with that employer
  • Which 401(k) rollover will give you maximum control over your money
  • Two ways to move your 401(k) into a personalized pension plan
  • And more!

Listen now to find out what actions to take with your old retirement plan if you’re starting a new job.

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