What I’ve Learned From 10,000+ Conversations With Financial Advisors

Because one of the perks of joining my Inner Circle Newsletter is access to ask me private questions, I’ve had more than 10,000 private conversations with financial advisors since 2015.

Through these conversations—because advisors feel safe to share the whole picture (which isn’t the case at seminars or webinars)—I’ve cracked the code to what makes a wildly successful financial advisor, and what makes a moderately mediocre one.

And you know what?

In today’s episode, I’m revealing these secrets with you, so you have no more excuses as to why you’re not as successful as you could be.

Nobody’s gonna save you or grow your business for you. But this episode is the next closest thing you can get to that.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • 3 “hidden” perks financial advisors get from having a podcast (even if it doesn’t result in as many sales as running ads) (2:32) 
  • How to turn $100k into $150k in only 5 years—from just one investment (and without investing another dime) (5:39) 
  • The “public places” trap most financial advisors fall into which dooms them to mediocrity (7:18) 
  • I’ve had over 10,000 private conversations with financial advisors: Here’s what separates the wealthy from the average… (8:01) 
  • How to make your clients (and yourself) become stinkin’ filthy rich by leveraging the “Modest ROI” secret (8:13) 
  • The almost too-simple way to get a 152% ROI when you invest in THIS (11:02) 
  • The “Holy Grail” of financial advisor marketing which trumps every other type of marketing you do (18:17) 
  • How to follow up with potential clients without cold calling them, cold emailing them, or even interacting with them in any way (19:11) 
  • The “Big 3” marketing strategy that will fill your calendar with high-quality leads by the end of the month (20:04)

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