Unlocking Your Home’s Potential With a Reverse Mortgage

Who says you can’t teach an old house new tricks?

In this episode, Eric Blake welcomes Mary Robb, Reverse Mortgage Specialist from Mutual of Omaha. Together, they’ll peel back the layers on what reverse mortgages really are, and how they differ from the traditional mortgage we’re all familiar with. From surprising financial strategies to how this could be a game-changer for aging in place, this episode is a must-listen! 

Throughout this episode, Eric and Mary discuss:

  • The unexpected financial perks of a Reverse Mortgage
  • How a Reverse Mortgage can help seniors remain in their homes longer, and even fund better-quality assisted living arrangements
  • Why Financial Advisors are warming to the idea of reverse mortgages as a strategic asset management tool
  • How to use a Reverse Mortgage for purchasing a home, giving seniors more freedom in choosing where to age
  • And more!

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