Unleashing the Power of Non-Financial Wealth in Estate Planning

As a law firm owner, the world of estate planning may seem familiar, but have you truly tapped into its potential? In this episode, Stan Miller shares his expertise on estate planning and delves into the invaluable opportunities and solutions it offers including the importance of asking the right questions, understanding clients’ unique needs, and leaving a non-financial legacy. 

In this episode, Darren Wurz is joined by Stan Miller, experienced estate planning attorney and author of “Your American Legacy.” Stan sheds light on the often overlooked power of estate planning tools and addresses common fears and concerns that clients may have. From protecting heirs’ inheritances to transferring non-financial wealth, Stan emphasizes the opportunities for attorneys to make a lasting impact. He also highlights the importance of crafting tailored solutions and shares valuable insights on helping clients navigate the estate planning process and building a thriving estate planning practice 

Stan discusses:

  1. The importance of creating trusts that support beneficiaries’ desired outcomes and recommends the use of trustee letters and parent-to-child letters
  2. How to uncover clients’ true objectives by asking diagnostic questions
  3. The importance of building rapport and trust through active listening
  4. The immense impact of estate planning on clients’ lives and future generations
  5. The incredible opportunities for attorneys in the $70 trillion wealth transfer happening in the next 20-25 years 

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