Top Predictions for Future Trends in Financial Services with Tim Welsh

Imagine you could hop into a time machine and go forward 5-10 years in the financial services industry. What do you think you’d see?

In this episode, Tim Welsh, CEO and founder of Nexus Strategy, joins Matt Halloran to predict major upcoming marketing and tech trends for advisors to pay attention to. Where is the industry headed? Are advisors becoming content creators? Will all of advisors’ different tools and software ever truly  “talk to each other with integration”? Tim’s best predictions await you in this conversation. 

Tim discusses:

  • How decentralization will evolve in the next five years
  • Whether “becoming content creators” is inevitable for advisors
  • How to demonstrate your expertise, even if content creation feels intimidating
  • How significant amounts of private equity and venture capital coming into financial services might impact the industry in 10 years
  • The advantages of being a free agent in the industry
  • And more

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