Tips & Tricks From the Trenches - Advisor Success Story with Derrick Kinney

At the efficient advisor we talk a lot about ideal client avatars, elevated elevator pitches, and how to stand out from the competition. I love to share my experience and the experiences of advisors that I work with, but it is SO MUCH BETTER when you get a guest on who figured these things out and used them to start, build, and sell a super successful practice – and who is SO willing to share his journey!

Today’s guest, Derrick Kinney, host of the Good Money Podcast and author of Good Money Revolution, shares his journey as an advisor and how he cracked the code on the world of financial services.

Derrick shares with us:

  • How he stumbled across his ideal client avatar
  • His exercise to determine who he should be working with 
  • Stories about how he honed his skills and focus
  • How a 5-day sabbatical every year transformed his business and his relationship
  • sAnd, the way he uses his business experiences to teach his kids lessons about life

You are going to enjoy this dose of advisor inspiration and affirmation that you can grow your advisor business your way on your terms.

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