This “Extra” Touch Is Easy & Effective - The First 100 Days and Beyond

The first 100 days of the client relationship are critical. The data shows that these first couple months of your client relationship and how you perform, interact, and connect is disproportionately important to the longevity of the client-advisor relationship. Meaning… if you crush it in the first 100 days you will keep your clients longer. And, the goal is to turn prospects into clients and clients into referral generating machines.

In your onboarding there are 3 layers, and we’ve talked about this, there is the

1) paperwork functional layer, the

2) setting expectations of how you’re going to work together layer, and the

3) human-to-human connection layer.

When I’m helping an advisor or a team build out their onboarding process, we’re always talking about ways to go above and beyond. How do we make this a little more of a unique experience. Essentially, how to take your onboarding from good, to great, to exceptional.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about some low-hanging fruit type extras. The ones that are easy to implement and effective. And if I were still in practice, I’d be doing this… no question.

And the coolest part about this simple add-on, is it can serve you clients and your business in so many ways.

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