The Value of Transparency: Experts Embracing "I Don't Know"

Have you ever been in a client meeting where you hesitated to say “I don’t know,” so you gave a half-baked answer that you wished you hadn’t?

In reality, being unsure can be a strength — when channeled effectively.

Learn how with Matt Halloran and guest Maggie Jackson, author of a new book, “Uncertain: The Wisdom and Wonder of Being Unsure.” They explore how embracing uncertainty can add a new layer of trust and connection to your client conversations and improve your learning, listening, and adaptability to change.

Matt and Maggie discuss:

  • The science behind uncertainty and its benefits in decision-making
  • How to effectively communicate uncertainty without compromising confidence (your words matter!)
  • Simple ways to increase your tolerance for uncertainty and build resilience
  • Re-defining the word “expert” to foster deeper client relationships

“First, uncertainty is a spur. It wakes you up. Think of it as good stress that’ll change your whole outlook on the world. Second, think of it as a space of possibilities.” ~Maggie Jackson