The Unwritten Rules of the Financial Road

While many believe that financial success is solely determined by following conventional rules, Jason Coddington is here to challenge these beliefs.

Jason takes you on a journey through the unwritten rules of financial freedom. Using relatable metaphors and real-life examples, he effortlessly connects societal norms to essential financial principles, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply.

Key Highlights:

  • Rule of 72: Understand how to estimate investment doubling times with this simple, yet powerful, formula
  • Unwritten Financial Rules: Explore key rules such as spending less than you earn, paying yourself first, and managing spending with Parkinson’s Corollary
  • Saving Discipline: Learn the importance of saving 10% of your income and building an emergency fund
  • The “Piggy Bank Factor” and Withdrawal Strategies: Discover disciplined saving and retirement withdrawal strategies, including the ‘10% rule’ for savings and ‘4% rule’ for retirement withdrawals
  • Engaging Analogies: Absorb these financial strategies through relatable analogies
  • And much more!

Tune in to transform these insights into your personal finance strategy.

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