The Ultimate Value Add for 2023: Low Difficulty, High Impact with Blake Brewer

Adding value to clients is a core value over here at the Efficient Advisor. Today’s episode is going to be a game changer for you when it comes to a simple-to-execute value add that is huge on impact. If you know me, you know when it comes to adding value we’re looking for two things… 1) How much impact does it actually have on your clients? and 2) What is the difficulty to execute said value add? When I come across something that is lower on difficulty and HIGH on impact… I am here for it and I cannot wait to share it with this community.

Today’s guest, Blake Brewer, is something really special. He’s on a mission to help parents create a lasting legacy beyond finances for their children and he partners with financial advisors to help them become indispensable in their clients’ lives. Legacy Letter - which is this awesome idea - was just featured on the Today Show. It’s that cool. And, at the end of the episode I’m going to share with you how I would create a process around this value add and how I would incorporate this into my business themes for 2023.

Blake joins us today to share how his father inspired him to help parents create legacies for their children. He discusses the power of words and writing letters and explains how he helps financial advisors make an impact. Get the tissues out… this story is moving. Talk about impact….

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