The Steps To Take Immediately After the Death of a Spouse or Partner

Your spouse has died.  Now what do you do?

The steps to take after you lose a loved one can be complex, and stressful. To help you with the emotional, and legal processes, you need to be organized. For many, it is hard to focus on tasks  because you are in the midst of grief and sorrow.

In this episode of My Widowed Money, Richard and Palma talk about the steps to take when your spouse, or someone close to you passes. 

Richard and Palma discuss: 

  • How to communicate the death of a loved one with family and friends 
  • The process of choosing a funeral home, cemetery, and type of burial for your loved one.
  • How you can pre-plan for your funeral and mitigate the associated high costs
  • Financial benefits that the children or the surviving spouse may be eligible for
  • How to truly help someone who has lost an important person in their lives
  • And more!