The Six Principles of Successful Investing

We all want to be successful investors, but do you have what it takes? 

From managing biases to focusing on variables you can control, Charlie Massimo and Peter Anastasian reveal the key components of a winning investment strategy. 

Join Charlie Massimo and Peter Anastasian in their second episode as they reveal the six principles that successful investors follow. 

In this episode, Charlie and Peter discuss improving your investment experience and achieving long-term success by implementing these principles. 

Discover how having faith in the future, practicing patience and discipline, being agnostic to market trends, and focusing your time and energy on variables you can control can significantly improve your investment returns.

Charlie and Peter discuss:

  • Having faith in the future is a key component of successful investing.
  • How patience and discipline can improve your investment experience and increase your long-term real-life investment returns
  • Why it’s essential to be agnostic to market trends and have a philosophy that dictates your moves
  • Why you should focus your time and energy on variables you can control 
  • And so much more!

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