The Right Toolkit for the Right Client with Andrew Krei

Andrew Krei is the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Crescent Grove Advisors, based near their Milwaukee office with other offices in Lake Forest and Atlanta. Crescent Grove provides quality investment and financial guidance and solutions to individuals and their families, institutions, endowments, and foundations. 

In this podcast, Doug and Andrew discuss how Crescent Grove Advisors differentiates itself from other firms in the advisory space, offering different business lines for different clients.

They also discussed:

  • The formation of Crescent Grove and the core values and experience the firm provides for their clients
  • How Crescent Grove meets the financial needs of the specialized client base of ultra-high net worth individuals and families, top executives, and first-generation wealth builders
  • Building an investment platform for a diverse group of clients
  • Crescent Grove’s approach to alternatives and how they fit into a client’s asset allocation
  • The investment strategies the firm is steering clients towards and the methodology used to identify managers that offer them
  • The biggest challenges for investors in 2023 and how Crescent Grove is counseling clients
  • The biggest mistake investors are making right now

Resources: Crescent Grove Advisors

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