The Most Important Page You’re Ignoring on Your Website

Pop quiz: what’s the most visited page on your website? 

It probably won’t surprise you to know it’s the homepage. But what about the second most visited? Any guesses?

It’s your About Page. 

In this episode, host Matt Halloran welcomes Manda Szewczyk — web designer and founder of Hyper Pony Studio — to explore the crucial role your About Page plays in generating new business for you. Visitors want to get to know the person behind the business, especially when it comes to finding a financial advisor. 

Learn how to present an authentic and relatable image on your About Page, while making it super easy (and compelling) for prospects to get in touch. 

Matt and Manda discuss:

  • The common mistakes advisors make with their about page, and how to fix them
  • The six must-haves to craft an about page that engages and converts
  • How to use video content as a shortcut to building trust
  • Why you should audit and update your about page from time to time 
  • And more

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