The Five Powerful Uses of Money: Spending With Intentionality

When it comes to managing your money, the smallest decisions can have the biggest impact on your long-term financial health. Small choices, like reaching for your debit card first, making a monthly spending plan, and defining exactly what ‘enough’ means to your family can add up to quite a bit of added savings—without significantly impacting your lifestyle. 

In the last episode of our 5-part Uses of Money series, Jason talks about the intentional spending choices each of us can make to enjoy what we have now while securing a comfortable future. From smart spending plans to using credit cards responsibly, Jason explains how the right plan and tools can help your family live life empowered. 

Listen now to learn: 

  • The power of micro-money choices
  • Why spending is one of your most crucial lifestyle tools
  • What ‘enough’ looks like as your income increases
  • How budget tracking apps can help your family use credit cards to your advantage
  • And more

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