The Evolution of Investors, Advisors, and the Client with Gerald Graves

Gerald Graves is a Managing Partner at Filigree Wealth Advisors, LLC, an independent RIA located in various areas of the West Coast but managing clients nationwide. 

In this podcast, Doug and Gerald dive into the journey of Graves through the financial services industry and the takeaways he recommends to current investors and advisors.

They also discussed:

  • Advice for younger individuals building a career and the importance of knowing who exactly you’re working for
  • Seeing the history of corporate America unravel in real-time, developing an understanding of which business structures work and which do not
  • The freedom to information clients now have with the internet and technology pulling back the curtain on the industry
  • Charles Schwab’s influence on the industry as a trailblazer, focusing on technology and the client
  • How advisors can navigate the way they want their business to look and which resources they should utilize for their business structure
  • Focusing on the end investor

Resources: Filigree Wealth Advisors

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