The Changing Face of Cybersecurity Threats With Kurt Long

Kurt Long is the Chair and Co-Founder of BUNKR, an app empowering individuals and their families to organize and secure the most important information in their lives.

In this episode, we uncover the hidden world of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, revealing invaluable insights on protecting your personal and financial data in an increasingly exposed, digital world.

Also discussed:

  • Kurt’s background of founding software companies that protected patient records and wealth, as well as complying with various regulations.
  • The range of features BUNKR offers, including messaging, password management, and secure file storage.
  • Common types of scams like wire fraud, loyalty points breaches, and imposter attacks.
  • The increasing use of AI by cybercriminals, making scams more sophisticated and users more vulnerable.
  • The education that wealth advisors should be offering clients about protecting their financial information.
  • How financial advisors can protect themselves and take actions like securing communications, managing passwords, and using digital vaults to store sensitive information securely.
  • How the SEC has imposed fines for using non-compliant communication methods, emphasizing the importance of secure communication for wealth advisors and their clients.

Resources: BUNKR

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