The Cash Resurgence: Advisors’ Secret Weapon With Frank Bonanno

In this podcast, Frank Bonanno, Managing Director at StoneCastle Partners, LLC, provides insight into the importance of cash management for advisors and the unique advantages offered by StoneCastle’s solutions.

Topics also discussed:

  • The resurgence of cash as a favored asset class and how advisors are using it to grow assets under management.
  • The impact of recent market developments on cash strategies and advisors’ approach to managing client cash.
  • The factors driving the renewed interest in cash, including competitive interest rates and safety concerns.
  • The benefits of addressing clients’ held-away cash
  • The opportunities for advisors to expand their client base by addressing the cash needs of businesses, boards, nonprofits, and other organizations.
  • How StoneCastle’s approach to cash management, with FDIC-insured deposits and competitive rates, sets it apart from other options available to advisors.

Resources: Advisor.Cash

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