The Best Type of Content To Create For Each Age Group

Many financial advisors pour dozens of hours every week into creating content.

They publish blog articles, film videos, write newsletters…  …but they often get zero clients for all their hard work. It’s not because they lack effort, but because they create for the wrong niche. 

Here’s the truth: You won’t attract retired millionaires by dancing on TikTok. And you won’t land millennial clients with sober stock market analysis.  But when you create the right content for your niche, you’ll land more of them as clients—even if you’re spending just a few hours per week. 

In this episode, you’ll discover the best type of content for each age group you want to reach. Want to get more clients by creating less content? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • What a financial advisor with 100k YouTube subscribers can teach you about content marketing (even if you’ll never create videos) (3:18)
  • How to magnetize Gen Z clients by talking about boring tax topics (8:12)
  • The weird case for creating low-brow entertainment content (even if you want to attract intellectual clients) (12:43)
  • Why talking about debt gets you more clients than raving about profits. (17:43)

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