Strategies to Complete What You Start and Achieve Project Success

Sometimes it’s so hard to finish those pesky projects on the to-do list. We start. We stop. We start again. And we stop again. The cycle goes on and on. Anyone else resonate with this?!? 

In today’s episode, The Efficient Advisor host, Libby Greiwe, shares some tips and tricks for kick-starting your projects AND seeing them through to completion! Not only does she share her personal strategies, but also pulls insights from this month’s #fakebookclub book Finish by Jon Acuff. 

The podcast details:

  • Effective goal setting and accountability
  • Breaking down large tasks into smaller, achievable chunks
  • Prioritizing projects to maintain momentum
  • Perfectionism and the hurdle it creates to productivity

Finally, Libby introduces her Systems to Scale group coaching program, designed to help advisors streamline business processes with ease using proven templates, frameworks, and collaborative environments. Get on the waitlist below for special offers!

Join us now for a deep dive into practical strategies that help you finish what you start, turning your practice into a well-oiled machine of efficiency and success!

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