Stop Being “Just My Parent’s Advisor”: Start Connecting With the Next Generation

Between 65-70% of young inheritors leave their parents’ advisors because that advisor made little or no effort to engage with them. 

What holds advisors back? Not knowing how to connect and build relationships with the younger generation.

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Julie Johnson, president and CEO of XY Communication. Leading with empathy and decades of experience, Julie shares two proven ways to start marketing to the next generation, even if you feel reluctant to discuss the wealth transfer process with your clients. She also reveals eye-opening stats about what advisors stand to lose by not having good relationships with women. Take this as your ultimate inspiration to become a safe space for all clients. 

Julie discusses:

  • Why it’s in your best interest to leave your comfort zone and become more emotionally engaged with clients and prospects
  • How to flip your perspective when the thought of discussing wealth transfer feels depressing or complicated
  • What it takes to prove to Gen Z that you’re genuine and caring (because the younger generations are great BS sniffers!) 
  • What you can start doing now to encourage kids to show up with their parents to meetings
  • And more

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