Self-Determination and Strong Strategies Drives M&A Deals with John Langston

John Langston is the Founder and Managing Partner of Republic Capital Group, a provider of investment banking services to the RIA, Wealth, and Asset Management communities. The team at Republic Capital offers buy-side and sell-side services, merger advisory, and sourcing equity and debt capital, bringing extensive experience across financial services to their clients.

In this podcast, John dives into the world of M&A, sharing the keys to a successful deal and advice collected from his impressive seventeen years in the financial services industry.

Doug and John also discussed:

  • Current views on M&A activity in the wealth management space and trends that are circulating
  • The biggest mistakes buyers and sellers have during the M&A process and how to avoid them
  • How firms can structure their business to increase their valuation and best integrate post transaction
  • A recent deal John advised on and how the transaction unfolded
  • The conversation around cultural fit when companies are making a transaction and why it’s so important

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