Scale Credibility and Save Time With the Atomic Content Method with Kirk Lowe

Imagine having a content creation superpower that lets you share your financial expertise with the world without being chained to your desk all day. 

This is exactly where the “five-step Atomic Content method” comes in. With the Atomic Content method, you’re not just creating content, you’re building scaled credibility. Your audience gets to consume your insights on their terms, whether they prefer in-depth articles or quick social media clips. And you get to make the most of your hard work, repurposing existing content to save time and effort.

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by ProudMouth CEO Kirk Lowe to explore this time-saving strategy that helps advisors like you consistently produce high-quality content — and stay top of mind — without the overwhelm. 

Matt & Kirk discuss:

  • Why quality and quantity are both required to scale your influence and credibility
  • How short & sweet, punchy, relevant content makes it easier to get engagement on long-form content down the road
  • The importance of consistent brand voice and relevance
  • The types of content you absolutely must include in your strategy
  • Why you should be sharing your best stuff over and over again. And again.
  • The Perfect Content Formula
  • The five steps of the Atomic Content method (it’s all about that gold!) 
  • And more!

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