Safeguarding Your Wealth Against Cybercrime With Retired FBI Special Agent Jeff Lanza

The threat of cybercrime and identity theft looms larger than ever, posing a significant risk to individuals’ financial security, especially as they approach retirement.

This week, Jim Kruzan, CFP®, CRPC®, welcomes Jeff Lanza, a retired FBI agent with a wealth of experience in cyber security. Together, they dive into the critical and ever-evolving topic of cybercrime, which has become increasingly significant in our digital world. Jeff shares stories and guides us through identifying cyber threats, advises us on steps to take if we’re targeted by cybercriminals, and provides essential tips for protecting ourselves against cybercrime in our daily lives.

Whether you’re concerned about your digital security or looking to fortify your retirement savings against cyber threats, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Jim and Jeff discuss: 

  • The difference between cybercrime and identity theft
  • Types of cybercrime and common scams
  • How to improve your cybersecurity (bank accounts, social media, personal devices, etc.)
  • Advanced frauds fueled by AI and social engineering
  • Challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling cybercrime
  • And more!

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