Robert Akerlof's Societal Perspectives on Shaping Behaviors through Economics

Professor Kotlikoff engages with the esteemed Robert Akerlof, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. A voice of authority in his field, Akerlof specializes in the confluence of sociology and economics, focusing on how moral considerations and social interactions influence preferences and behaviors within organizations. His work has vital implications for understanding economic behavior through a nuanced and interdisciplinary lens.

Topics Covered:

  1. The Balance of Peer Influence
  2. Resolving Cultural Clashes
  3. Economic Perspectives on Society
  4. Addressing South Korea's Fertility Crisis

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 People are guided by beliefs, stories motivate actions.
  • 10:33 Microsoft fostered individualism, causing internal competition and anger.
  • 16:23 Social norms act as adaptable, subtle programming.
  • 19:18 Conflict can be modeled as relatively rational.
  • 27:06 Values affect self and peer esteem interactions.
  • 30:51 Improving social life and educational culture in schools.
  • 38:22 Defining reasonable person and its application.
  • 42:07 Mediating conflicts through cultural commonality and justice.
  • 46:22 Prime-age men without work, family, esteem.
  • 51:18 Traditional and modern family dynamics and labor.
  • 59:59 Career first, marriage last, impacting fertility.

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