Providing Advisors Game-Changing Tech Solutions with Jene Hoosier

Jene Hoosier is the Head of Platform Strategy at Sanctuary Wealth, an advanced platform for the next generation of elite advisors who have the entrepreneurial spirit to build and own their own practices, desiring the freedom to deliver the tailored service their clients deserve.

Live from the Sanctuary Oasis Conference in Las Vegas, Doug and Jene discuss Hoosier’s career working with multiple dynamic leaders in the financial industry and bringing to bear the best technologies across the FinTech space.

They also discussed:

  • Jene’s background in financial services and the impact of her ten years working in a startup environment
  • What led Jene to Sanctuary Wealth and her role as Head of Platform Strategy 
  • How they work with Sanctuary Wealth partner firms to ensure that they have the best in class technology
  • The difficulties in working with so many advisors with each one unique
  • The solutions Hoosier is finding that are available and changing the game for advisors
  • Other trends in the industry that Jene is watching
  • The possible gaps that need filling when building out the platform 

Resources: Sanctuary Wealth

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