Protect Your Finances: Essential Tips for Family Caregiving

As our loved ones age, conversations about medical care and finance can become difficult. How can you financially prepare to become a caregiver?

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks with Danielle Miura, an advice-only financial planner, family caregiver, and founder of Spark Financials, about the financial aspects of aging care and becoming a caregiver. Danielle shares her personal experience and emphasizes the expanded definition of caregiving since the Covid-19 pandemic. She also talks about her role as a financial advisor and her commitment to helping other caregivers, covering topics such as payment options for family caregivers, setting up caregiving contracts, managing caregiving responsibilities within the family, and how to talk to parents about money.

Danielle discusses:

  • The unexpected expenses of becoming a family caregiver
  • How you can financially prepare for and manage suddenly becoming a caregiver
  • How being a family caregiver can affect relationships
  • How to approach the conversation about money with your parents
  • And more

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