Proof That Niche Marketing Works: Picking One of the Most Specific Niches With Jane Mepham

Have you heard about niche marketing but still aren’t convinced that it can grow your business?

Perhaps hearing from someone who has walked the walk might help.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Jane Mepham, the founder and principal advisor at Elgon Financial Advisors LLC. Having picked a highly specific niche — first-generation Americans and immigrants working in the STEM space — Jane debunks the myths around niche marketing and attests to its true potential.

Jane discusses:

  • Marketing strategies that make it easy for your niche to find you
  • The magic that happens when your niche audience says, “Oh, you get it.”
  • Every reason to weave your personal life experiences into your messaging
  • Why she books an entire day to focus on content creation

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