How to Plan for Lifetime Charitable Giving

More and more people are beginning to think about their charitable giving.

In this episode, Royal Standley talks about the importance of finding what speaks to your heart when you’re choosing which organizations to support.

Here’s what you will learn about:

  • The “American advantage” of charitable giving—and what sets America apart from other countries when it comes to charity
  • The importance of including long-term charitable giving in your estate plan
  • What to consider when deciding to create your own foundation or give to an already-established charitable cause, both in life and afterHow to continue generating income into retirement, while still donating to your charities of choice
  • Why leaving your IRA or 401(k) untouched will save you money in the long run
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    Tune into this episode with Royal Standley and learn all about charitable giving and estate planning!

    Resources: Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, Inc.