Maybe the Youth of Today Are Not So Mixed Up After All

Youngsters these days are often stereotyped by older generations as slackers.

Is that true? In reality, youngsters’ ways of doing things are quite different from those of previous generations.

In this episode, Corey Heimensen sits down with a mystery guest who falls under the Gen Z category, to talk about how younger generations perceive the current world, from finances to technology.

Corey & the guest discuss:

  • Why there is a misconception regarding the productivity of youngsters
  • What it is to be an influencer and how these individuals impact lives
  • How technology has increased productivity
  • The importance of being optimistic in our day-to-day lives
  • Some details regarding the guest’s background and the most famous person she has met
  • How and why older generations need to connect with the current generation 
  • And more!

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