Making the Advisor’s Life Easier with Jim Dickson

Jim Dickson is the CEO and Founder of Sanctuary Wealth: an advanced platform for the next generation of elite advisors, who have the entrepreneurial spirit to build and own their own practices and desire the freedom to deliver the tailored service their clients deserve.

Live from the Sanctuary Oasis Conference in Las Vegas, Doug and Jim discuss Sanctuary Wealth’s impressive growth and how the platform helps advisors launch their careers and serve their clients.

They also discussed:

  • Sanctuary Wealth’s growth to oversee $25 billion in assets and the factors that have led to this massive growth
  • What about partnered independence is so attractive to advisors
  • The different ways that advisors can join Sanctuary Wealth
  • Jim’s outlook for M&A and if it will continue with these high levels
  • What Sanctuary Wealth looks for when approaching a potential acquisition
  • How Jim sees the hybrid RIA industry evolving
  • Some of the things that advisors should consider when they’re looking to grow their firms in the current environment

Resources: Sanctuary Wealth