Investing in Turbulent Times: A 2023 Recap and 2024 Outlook with Matt Berger

Matt Berger is the the Vice President of Client Investment Strategies at Lincoln Financial Group, a firm that has been helping millions of people plan, protect, and retire for over a century. 

In this podcast, we analyze market dynamics, economic resilience, and insights from Lincoln Financial Group's Matt Berger as we set the stage for investors in the transformative year ahead.

Topics also discussed:

  • Reflections on the markets in 2023, investor expectations, and recency bias.
  • Counterintuitive investor behavior of pouring into money market funds despite strong market conditions, highlighting a mismatch between market reactions and investor actions.
  • The resilient economy in 2023 and the risks for the economy in 2024.
  • The potential for the Fed to pivot in 2024 based on disinflationary trends and market expectations, with insights into the Fed's likely rate cuts.
  • Market performance during election years, emphasizing market indifference to politics but potential volatility due to uncertainty.
  • Outlooks for 2024: Mixed sentiments among investors, with short-term traders facing potential volatility, and long-term investors advised to focus on goals and maintain a diversified portfolio.

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