Investing Beyond Mutual Funds and ETFs

Feeling stuck with traditional investments? 

Learn how to shift gears for better returns in the latest “Organized Investor PodCLASS” episode with Jerry Goodman and Megan Hubbard from Tennessee Wealth Management. Combining Jerry’s extensive financial experience with Megan’s educational expertise, they dive into effective and engaging investment strategies.

This episode, focusing on investment organization, targets boosting portfolio performance by 2%. Jerry and Megan challenge the conventional reliance on mutual funds and ETFs, advocating for a selective approach. They highlight the success of the Wells Fargo research list and the DSIP strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • Uncover the dangers of excessive diversification and its impact on portfolio health
  • Compare the superior performance of the DSIP list against traditional mutual funds and ETFs
  • Explore the Dividend Growth Portfolios (DGP), emphasizing large companies with consistent dividend growth
  • Gain insights into the crucial role of financial advisors in managing investments
  • Dive into three exemplary portfolios, showcasing the benefits of focusing on high-quality, dividend-rich stocks