Investigating a New Clearing House? Here are 7 Questions You Need to Get Answered with Michael Scaplen

Michael Scaplen, Axos Clearing’s SVP of Sales and Relationship Management, is back. This time to outline questions you should get answered when considering changing clearing houses.

This episode of Power Your Advice is a rapid-fire Q&A between Doug and Michael, in which Michael provides insider insight on each of the following:

  • What does a clearing house stand for?
  • How long have they been in the business? Do they have a vision and the wherewithal to sustain changes in the market?
  • Can they handle the business I’m doing today? As well as or better than my current clearing house
  • Do they have a particular expertise or something they specialize in?
  • Who are their current clients
  • What’s the conversion process? Do they have a team to support my move?
  • What’s the future? What’s the vision?

Resources:  Axos Clearing, LLC

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