How Women Can Become Financially Fearless

Women are woefully under-prepared for their financial future. 

Many times, we don't know where to begin and are hesitant to seek assistance since we feel unacknowledged and underrepresented in the financial world.

It’s time we change that. 

In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined by Dr. Barbara Provost, the founder of Purse Strings, LLC, to discuss Barbara's effort to assist women in understanding their money, and Barbara shares her ultimate goal to empower all women to be financially fearless.

Dr. Barbara Provost discusses: 

  • Her inspiration and vision to start Purse Strings
  • How the Purse Strings model empowers women to plan for their financial future
  • How the Financially Fearless Foundations course assists women to understand their personal finances and what’s going on in their financial world
  • How she discusses money with her children
  • And more

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