How To Use a Family Tree Template To Stay Organized and Deepen the Client Relationship

Managing client data can be overwhelming and cumbersome without tools to stay organized. Why struggle to remember every detail when you can implement a foolproof process to capture and update client information on the regular?

In this episode, Libby shares one of her favorite tools to deepen relationships and human-to-human interaction. The Family Tree Template allows you to manage data better, create stronger client bonds, and build a more efficient and effective practice by training your team to update client intel routinely.

You will learn the added benefits of using a Family Tree Template, including:

  • Creating a structured and systematic approach to data management
  • Building meaningful connections with your clients
  • Managing a team that is well-informed about clients’ family structure
  • Optimizing your organizational skills

Listen to today’s episode and discover how the Family Tree Template could help you better understand your clients, identify new opportunities, and strengthen existing relationships!

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