“I Feel Like I Know You!” How To Turn Your Twitter Audience Into Fans with Thomas Kopelman

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually attract prospects off social media? And without content creation taking over your life?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Thomas Kopelman, co-founder and financial planner with AllStreet Wealth. Thomas reveals how he’s growing an audience of Twitter fans who come to him saying, “I already believe in what you do.” He also talks through how to decide whether to outsource content creation or keep it in-house, why he’ll never run out of ideas, and why not showing up for your audience just isn’t an option!

Thomas discusses:

  • How he’s achieving “awesome and overwhelming” business growth by turning Twitter followers into fans who are ready to buy
  • What advisors risk by publishing the exact same posts all week
  • Why he doesn’t spend a single second DMing prospects (and what he does instead)
  • How to eliminate time-sucking activities, so you can stay focused on building relationships with your audience
  • And more

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