How To Predict If A Financial Advisor Will Stay Stuck

Most financial advisors can turn their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars into multiple millions of dollars, yet they can’t do the same for themselves.  Why? Well, first and foremost, it comes down to an inability to listen and take action.

That’s why you’re stuck—you overthink and under-act.  In this episode, you’ll discover the 7 most deadly (and common) patterns financial advisors fall into which keeps them stuck, broke, and underachieving. 

Listen now.  Show highlights include:

  • The single most prominent characteristic of financial advisors who underachieve (4:25) 
  • Why buying more marketing courses and trainings will bankrupt your business (even if they offer money-making advice) (7:23) 
  • The insidious mindset plague most financial advisors have which dooms their business to bankruptcy (11:11) 
  • How to get as much as a 194% return on investment (or more) every time you invest in this “hidden” investment (12:33) 

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