How to Practice Emotional Intelligence in Every Client Meeting With Carl Richards

Emotional intelligence includes the ability to spend most of your client meetings listening – not talking. If that sounds like a tall order, consider this: 

Emotional intelligence is a muscle that you can train.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Carl Richards, a decade-long columnist for The New York Times and creator and author of “The Behavioral Gap,” about ways to practice emotional intelligence to help you connect with and educate your clients. Carl also shares how he finds the “crunchy bits” to inspire emotionally resonant content, and his advice for any advisor who’s still “the best-kept secret” in their area.  

Carl discusses:

  • His trick for helping people solve their problems while barely saying a word 
  • Two rules he used to drastically reduce how much he was talking during client meetings
  • How to narrow down the unique problem you’re interested in solving for your audience
  • The exact steps he would take, as an advisor, to accelerate his influence and grow his business
  • And more

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