How To Help Your Clients Not Get Killed on Taxes

He’s baaack! I’ve talked about this before on the podcast… but integrating tax planning into our business changed everything. I think when we started collecting tax returns, plugging them into our software, doing analysis, looking for areas of opportunity… we really separated ourselves from other advisors. When we got really good at this– that’s when we started to stand out from our competitors. I felt so good about the planning that we did and how much value we added to clients. Demystifying taxes, savings clients, money, and being thoughtful about their future tax situation was adding so much value to our planning services.

There’s a catch though, I didn’t always know what to do with a tax return when I got them, especially if it was a simple W-2 return, and it took FOREVER to build up my tax acumen and create a process around tax return analysis to really integrate it into the DNA of my business.

Steve Jarvis of Retirement Tax Services (yep, you remember him from Episode #40) is back and today we’re going to talk about how you can help your clients NOT get killed on taxes. And… do you know about the Augusta Rule for tax free income!? You will now! Ready to increase your acumen so that you can deliver even more value to your clients?

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