How To Give Clients Life-Changing Advice at the Exact Right Times With Cassie Jackson

There’s a huge advice gap in the U.S. Even among wealthy clients who work with an advisor.

According to Bento Research, 40% of advised clients said they didn’t get advice on Social Security benefits when they turned 62. While 63% said they didn’t get advice on Qualified Charitable Distributions when they turned 70 ½. 

This might sound like negative news. But it’s your opportunity to engage with clients (and prospects) to offer the advice your competition isn’t.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Cassie Jackson, the Chief Growth Officer at Bento Engine, about how this FinTech helps advisors deliver unbelievable client communication, and never miss out on age milestones and key life moments. Cassie also shares how Bento Engine gives advisors limitless content ideas and helps them prospect to the next generation. 

Cassie discusses:

  • Why it’s easy to send compliance-approved communications with Bento
  • How reaching out to clients at critical moments helps advisors generate new business
  • How much of the general U.S. population is lacking life-changing financial advice (and what you can do about it)
  • A list of client life and age milestones that advisors might be overlooking
  • And more

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