How To Choose the Best Place To Retire

Are you questioning whether you want to retire in your home state or venture into a different area during your golden years? 

Josh Leonard explores the topic of the best places to retire, depending on an individual’s savings and personal preferences. He explains the important factors to consider when making the decision to relocate such as thinking about the taxes, the cost of living, the proximity to family and friends and more.

In this episode, Josh covers: 

  • How to research the cost of living for the place you desire to relocate to
  • Getting to know the climate or seasonal changes in certain retirement locations
  • Considering the travel time to visit your loved ones, especially any kids or grandkids in your family
  • Looking for areas where it’s not going to be difficult to stay active and make new friends 
  • Thinking about healthcare needs before making a move in retirement
  • Considerations for living overseas in retirement
  • And more

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