How To Avoid Becoming an Estate Planning Horror Story

Creating an estate plan can be a lot of work, making sure everything is covered and all your assets are doing what you want them to. Not having one is even worse.

In this episode, Royal Standley focuses on estate planning, the tools to build a good estate plan and what happens if you don’t have one. Royal dives into the different pieces of estate planning and how having one can ease the way for future beneficiaries without creating confusion.

Royal discusses:

  • How are assets divided in the absence of an estate plan
  • The estate planning questions you should ask your attorney
  • The information you should update on a regular basis
  • What is the revocable trust and how does it fit within traditional estate planning
  • Things to consider when naming beneficiaries, especially with real estate
  • The importance of having a team of professionals to help with estate planning

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