How Small Things Can Lead to Big Results

Most people want immediate results and instant gratification, but, the best results are often generated when you practice the basics of persistence and consistency.

In today’s episode, Billy, Shaun, and Cade share some of the tried and true actions and mottos that they use in their personal and professional lives. From being a little “old-fashioned”, to believing in the power of quieting your mind in order to calm your nerves, the men at Peterson Wealth Services understand how seemingly minor actions can produce significant results.

With this episode, you will learn: 

  • The importance of starting early in building wealth and investing
  • Why investors should not solely rely on safe investments
  • How inflation affects the purchasing power of CD rates over time
  • The benefits of setting up automatic investments and focusing on long-term trends
  • Why being calm greatly outweighs rash decisions 
  • And more!

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