Hiring and Retaining Amazing Employees with Headhunter Claire Myers Vitale

You need a team to scale. But, where do you find good employees? The kind that want to grow, are anxious to take on more work and are an ideal fit for your business? Today I have guest Claire Myers Vitale, a head hunter who specializes in helping financial advisors build out their firms from executive assistant to fully licensed directors of operations. Claire works exclusive in the financial planning world and is the perfect person to talk to about what it takes to find a good hire in 2023.

In today’s episode we dive into:

  • What are ideal candidates looking for in a job and benefits these days?
  • How to write a job description that actually draws in the right people?
  • Why a head hunter is waaaayyyy better than hoping people come to you!
  • How upward mobility in a small business is really important for attracting talent.
  • Some shocking facts about what your current employees might be considering this year.
  • And, when to start the hiring process. 

Whether you are going to attempt this on your own, or consider using a recruiter, today’s episode is chalk full of actionable advice to consider when making your next hire.

Oh, and this you might find interesting… Claire’s team offers a 90-day employee guarantee for listeners of the Efficient Advisor. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

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