High Earners, Low Coverage: Solving the Income Protection Gap

Higher earning individuals are often left underinsured and shocked by the limitations of group disability policies. How confident are you that your income is optimally protected in the event of a disability?

In this episode, Jim McGovern welcomes Tasha Jo Hill, a seasoned expert in disability income planning and the Director of Income Protection Strategies at Lifetime Financial Growth, LLC. Together, they shed light on misconceptions with common group disability insurance policies, and identify the gaps that widen as income levels increase. 

In this episode, Jim and Tasha will:

  • Uncover often-overlooked misconceptions about disability insurance
  • Discover whether or not your current disability insurance truly covers your full compensation
  • Learn what constitutes a partial disability and reveal the essential role of supplemental insurance in bolstering this coverage
  • Explore how owning a disability insurance policy can be a safeguard to financial stability, particularly during employment transitions
  • Discover simple yet powerful strategies that can provide high quality coverage at a steep discount, without the typical medical underwriting challenges.
  • Explore specialized strategies for higher-income earners to ensure comprehensive protection
  • And more!

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