Here’s Why People Don’t Trust Financial Advisors

If you’re struggling to build trust with prospects and clients, then I have some harsh news for you:

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the reason you can’t build trust is because you don’t trust others.

The universe has a tendency to attract similar people as you. And if you’re constantly looking for discounts, shortchanging other businesses, and using a credit card you know will decline, then, well, that’s the exact type of people your business will attract.

Yes, it’s true that people don’t trust financial advisors. But this starts and stops with you.

In this episode, I won’t give you some sexy tip, trick, or tactic for building trust. But I will reveal how shifting your mindset will build genuine trust. It won’t be as easy as a tip, trick, or tactic—but it will be more effective.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to be more trusted by clients (even if most financial advisors are as trustworthy as a shady mechanic) (0:38) 
  • The truth about why marketing and sales books don’t work for financial advisors (1:16) 
  • How to “force” the universe to send you higher qualified and wealthier clients with the weird 14-minute rule (2:26) 
  • Why using coupon codes and asking for discounts is a surefire way to get headache clients (5:51) 
  • The almost too obvious way to build genuine trust with your target audience (12:04)
  • This book is the single best wealth creation machine for financial advisors that I’ve ever come across (15:10)

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