Free to Fee—How To Start Charging for Planning, Even in a BD World

As every advisor knows, financial planning is a careful dance between building trust, offering expert advice, and growing a profitable business. Charging fees is too often seen as a massive hurdle many don’t want to scale. But if we’re being honest, this mindset will never drive your business towards profitability and sustainability.

Our guest, Brian Jansen, candidly reveals the common fears and insecurities of transitioning from a free to fee-based service model and shares the invaluable lessons he's learned from his own missteps in pricing.

In this episode, Bryan and I discuss:

  • Understanding the mindset shift to change from Free to Fee
  • Establishing your “profitability-adjusted burn rate” and how to use that to calculate your fee
  • Language of how to make the switch with existing clients
  • Why you don’t drop your fee in year two to adjust for “less work”  

Whether you're a seasoned financial advisor or a newbie to the industry, this episode is a must-listen, promising to equip you with insights to confidently set your fees and value your services.

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