Finding the Balance Between the Advisor and the Client with Emily Keagle

Emily Keagle is the Managing Member and Investment Advisor at Financial Transparency. This is a firm working to help advisors answer their clients questions; supporting the advisors while creating a better financial world for their clients. 

In this episode, Doug and Emily talk about the business of working with both advisors and individual clients to promote communication about investments and financial planning.

They also discussed: 

  • Keagle’s background and the path they followed to become involved in financial services, eventually creating her own venture
  • The expectations of creating one’s own firm versus Keagle’s reality
  • Emily’s work with both individual clients as well as advisors and how to find a balance between the two
  • The tech stack Keagle uses to make her business possible
  • What is financial transparency?

Resources: Financial Transparency

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